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Beyond Red Wine and Green Tea

Sunday, November 14, 2010
posted by Gilmore
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The health news reports are full of the health benefits that come from drinking red wine and green tea that are loaded with powerful antioxidants in the form of flavonoids and phenols that benefit cardiovascular health and can apparently provide some preemptive aging support for senior health in terms of preempting some cancers.  If you like drinking green tea and drinking red wine for the good taste and their health benefits, then you should also consider another drink that contains more phenols and flavonoids per serving than both red wine and green tea.  The third member of the healthy triumvirate is none other than cocoa, because it contains chocolate which is rich in antioxidants, but without the the saturated fats.

This is very good news for seniors who are trying to foster their senior health by taking preemptive aging steps to assist in preventing the onset of cancer and to support their cardiovascular health.  They can add the consumption of cocoa to their diet which will complement the health benefits they gain by drinking green tea and red wine.  All three are good tasting foods that can be purchased in supermarkets and are easy to prepare for consumption.

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