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Why is Soy So Good for Seniors’ Health?

Thursday, July 28, 2011
posted by Gilmore
Glass of soy milk and soy beans.

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The multiple health benefits that can be achieved by seniors who consume soy products continue to be promoted in the press.  Over twelve years ago in an unusual action the FDA even permitted soy to be advertised as a health food.  A number of critics attacked the FDA over this issue, but they turned out to be associated with a narrow group within the food industry.  The critics appear to have been worried that the success of soy products would reduce the profits of some of their non-soy food products.  The final result brings good news for seniors who are concerned about taking preemptive aging steps to foster their senior health.  The criticism against soy resulted in multiple clinical studies and research on the health benefits of soy.   The research and studies confirmed that soy is a very healthy food for folks of all ages including seniors.  The research showed that soy proteins and its isoflavanones provide a wide range of health benefits through direct and complementary paths in our bodies.    They operate by various means to reduce inflammation and block oxidation.  It turns out that soy protein and isoflavones have been shown to lower LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.   This is very good news about soy for seniors who are concerned about taking preemptive aging steps to promote their cardiovascular health.

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